Fewer Claims.
Fewer Downgrades.
More Profit.

The Instrumar Fiber System gives you both real-time quality management and plant-wide visibility into your synthetic fiber production.

Real-time quality data and analytics on every threadline.

Avoid downgrading packages because of problems that aren’t discovered until days later – now you can detect critical fiber deviations as they happen. Instrumar’s advanced sensors and powerful analytics keep your production running within limits and alerts your team to deviations as they occur, reducing costs and waste by letting you take action such as short-doffing or cutting back as needed.

Powerful but simple dashboards help you monitor and improve uptime.

Our software provides easy-to-understand, graphical dashboards that show every position in your plant on one screen, with the ability to display this information everywhere – from monitors and mobile devices on the plant floor, to laptops in the executive office. Customizable reporting at your fingertips lets you immediately analyze production trends and track key metrics to help increase uptime.

The Instrumar Fiber System Provides Unprecedented Benefits Across Your Business:

  • Slash customer claims by ensuring only your best fiber makes it into their products and providing 100% traceability on every package sold
  • Lower costs and improve sustainability through reduced downgrading and less waste
  • Open new markets by differentiating your products through the ability to guarantee quality on critical fibers
  • Track, measure and benchmark shift efficiencies to help increase uptime
  • Reduce your production overruns and dramatically reduce product hold times
  • Move more of your lab resources from prescribed testing to intelligent, targeted inspections

Suitable For Many Types Of Synthetic Fiber Production:

Bcf Carpet Yarns
Industrial Yarns
Textile Yarns

The Instrumar fiber system is well-suited and even more valuable for plants using recycled feedstocks!

How it works: Small Sensor, Massive Insights

The Instrumar Fiber System utilizes our patented electromagnetic sensors that mount easily to each threadline. Small and robust, our sensors are self-cleaning, require minimal maintenance and last for years in even the harshest plant environments.

Monitors every meter on every threadline

The Instrumar Fiber System monitors each threadline 20,000 times/second to identify anomalies as they occur. Using industry-standard communications hardware and protocols, we can provide and configure every component, from the sensor to the server.

Algorithms with 20 years of experience

Our flexible and powerful algorithms let you adjust control and product limits. Customizable and actionable alarms ensure you are seeing the critical issues that really matter to your plant, such as interlace, spin-finish consistency, cross-overs, denier inconsistencies, etc.

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